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Ressources du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV.

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Les langues pour la cohésion sociale: L'éducation aux langues dans une Europe multilingue et multiculturelle

The ECML’s “Languages for social cohesion” programme (2004-2007) involved approximately 4500 language professionals from Europe and beyond. This publication focuses on key developments in language education promoted through the work of the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe (ECML).
It serves three main functions. Firstly, it summarises the ECML’s contributions to fostering linguistic and cultural diversity in European societies.
Secondly, it contains the proceedings of the ECML Conference, held in September 2007 at the University of Graz, to communicate the results of this programme to the wider public.
Thirdly, it provides a preview of the projects which comprise the next programme of the ECML (2008-2011): “Empowering language professionals: competences – networks – impact – quality”. In this way, the publication both provides an overview of current issues and trends in European language teaching and indicates perspectives for the future.

Groupe(s) cible(s) : enseignantsformateurs d'enseignantsdecideurs

Année de publication : 2009

Auteur(s) : David Newby, Hermine Penz



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