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Ressources du CELV

Cette section contient toutes les publications produites à ce jour par le CELV.

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A pluriliteracies approach to teaching for learning

A pluriliteracies approach builds on CLIL approaches to help learners become better meaning-makers, who can draw on content knowledge to communicate successfully across languages, disciplines and cultures. In this way it promotes deep learning and helps develop responsible, global citizens.

The website includes:

  • informative videos on a pluriliteracies approach
  • ideas for putting a pluriliteracies approach into practice
  • a glossary of CLIL-related terms

Groupe(s) cible(s) : enseignantsformateurs d'enseignants

Année de publication : 2015

Auteur(s) : Coyle Do, Ting Teresa, Schuck Kevin, Meyer Oliver, Halbach Ana

Documents promotionnels:
Flyer (EN)
Flyer (DE)



A pluriliteracies approach to teaching for learning - Website (EN) (DE)

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