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ECML PROGRAMME - Programme 2012-2015

European portfolio for student teachers of pre-primary education


Working languages of the project: French, German (and English for workshops)
Project term : 2013-2015
Team: Francis Goullier, Catherine Carré-Karlinger, Natalia Orlova, Maria Roussi

What is it about?

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The project will develop a tool for reflective practice in initial teacher training, targeting professional competences and attitudes of teachers of 3 to 6 year olds with regard to languages and cultures. The tools will be based on the ECML publication "European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Lanugages".  (http://epostl2.ecml.at).

Target audience involved in project activities

  • teachers in pre-primary education and teacher trainers at this level;
  • primary school teachers.

What the project is intended to achieve

Expected outcomes and outputs
How useful the outcomes and outputs will be

Workshop participants' statements on the project

Project workshop in 2015 - if you wish to participate click here and contact your National Nominating Authority