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    Learning environments where modern languages flourish
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    Examples from schools

Learning environments where modern languages flourish

from schools
Professional development

Examples from EOL partner schools

From 2016 to 2019, EOL partner schools have carried out several projects. The EOL team has selected some significant examples which, in terms of content, approach, process or objectives, could be transferred to other contexts. None of the examples given should be used as a model but as a way to see how much could be achieved in terms of actions and reflections, within a learning environment where languages matter. Here you will find learners' and teachers' contributions, syntheses and analyses, video productions, etc. Let yourself be inspired by these examples so that you can lead your own projects!

Resources from schools

Opportunities for learners

Project description 

Du sens multiple des langues 

Project description

Project summary

Déployer EOL dans son établissement

Project description

Importance of family languages

Project description

Case study


MORE EXAMPLES coming soon