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Using technology in the classroom

by Işıl Boy

Author: Anonym/mardi 11 mars 2014/Categories: Conference March 2014, ICT, E-learning, school design

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Using technology in the classroom

The rapid growth in mobile use has led many institutions worldwide to start integrating mobile technologies, mainly tablets, into the curriculum. However, there is a gap between the objectives and the results, which requires the exploration of gap analysis method. Gap analysis encourages teachers to reflect on how they are using tablets now, and how they may use them in the future. Here, I avoid using “how they should use” since it changes from context to context. In order to bridge the gap, we should explore why “what is” is as it is, and the factors affecting the current situation which may hinder the desired situation.

Integrating technology into the classroom needs careful planning. If there is no overall objective, and without on-going training, it can become counterproductive; even a burden. It is not enough to know how to use an app, we need to consider whether our objective is technology-centered (the focus is on the capabilities of cutting edge technology) or learner-centered (the focus is on the way that people learn and process information). So, the apps we are planning to use need to be in line with the objectives. Then, we should make sure that every student knows how to use that app as we cannot assume that every student in our class is tech-savvy. 

Some institutions tend to believe that it is enough to install hardware in the classroom and ‘dip’ teachers into brief training courses, but it doesn’t work. (Hoffman, 1996) Here, there comes a need for the investigation of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) which intends to determine the nature of information demanded by teachers who are integrating technology into their teaching. TPACK framework has three main focus: content, pedagogy and technology; it suggest blending technology knowledge with pedagogy and content knowledge in order to achieve effective technology integration. (Mathew Koehler and Punya Mishra, 2006).
Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological pedagogical content knowledg

Hoffman, B. (1996): What Drives Successful Technology Planning, Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education.

Işıl Boy
Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor on ICT
Yildiz Technical University
Twitter: @isilboy


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