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The work of the ECML represents a collective effort and determination to enhance the quality in language education at challenging times. The publications illustrate the dedication and active involvement of all those who participated in a series of international projects and training and consultancy activities. The promotion of the programme outputs and their adaptation to different learning environments is supported through National Contact Points in each of the member states of the Centre. Read more

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Language for work - a quick guide

Language skills and employment are both crucial to the successful integration of adult migrants. These two enablers are related. Migrants need language skills to find suitable employment and then progress at work. Employment can help migrants to develop their language skills. Migrants who arrive with the language skills and qualifications they need to secure quality employment may require little further support. For the many other migrants who arrive with limited language skills and no recognised qualifications, support to develop work-related language skills is vital. This short resource offers guidance on how to provide that support.

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