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    Learning environments where modern languages flourish (EOL)

Setting up learning environments where modern languages flourish (EOL)

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EOL is about developing a whole school approach. These activities present a vision of a language friendly environment, encourages a strategic approach to language teaching and learning and provides tools and resources to all those who want to change their school into a place where languages can flourish.

Resource website: Learning environments where modern languages flourish


35 proposals

We, the members of the EOL team, who have based our research on the creation of learning environments optimised by and for languages, would like to offer you a selection of 35 ideas to help you envisage and organise the best learning environment, adapted to the needs of young people.

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Target groups

  • School teachers
  • Teacher trainers
  • School principals and inspectors
  • Overall decision makers in relation to language/intercultural policies
  • Overall language community in a specific country (for example, language associations)

Results and benefits

  • Project management skills, social skills
  • Awareness of plurilingual and intercultural education 
  • Understanding the opportunities in order to improve language/intercultural teaching and learning environments 
  • Understanding how complex the language environment can be due to the interplay between people/structures and culture and why various stakeholders need to be included when changing attitudes to language / intercultural teaching and learning
  • Understanding a single teacher on their own cannot change the environment 
  • Creating a network with/for the participants during the workshop in order to support each other and their projects in the future

"Covid-19 and language education: Two challenges, one response"

ECML webinar for language education decision makers

Training and consultancy offer EOL

Trainings can be conducted in English, French or German.

This offer is targeted at school teachers, teacher trainers, school principals and inspectors, overall decision makers in relation to language/intercultural policies, overall language community in a specific country (for example, language associations).

Format of activity

A two-day workshop with various group and plenary activities

Day 1 : understand the approach and the main tools – sharing experiences of multilingualism in the participants’ country (for example, policies, opportunities, threats)
Day 2 : participants set up their own project based on the tools presented during day 1 and share with others and form clusters of shared interest

How the activity can be adapted and tailored to specific contexts and needs

The approach is very flexible and can be easily adapted by the participants to their own contexts. The wide range of tools (52) within the initial project and the various connections to further ECML projects offer a wide range of possibilities to target the participants' needs.

Expected cooperation from local organisers requesting this offer

  • Send a mailing list of the workshop’s participants and their profiles and expectations in order for the team to adapt the workshop content to the profiles
  • Appoint a contact person who can liaise on the desired content for the agenda. 
  • Offer copying possibilities
  • Provide information on facilities/accommodation
  • Discuss in advance any measures proposed  by the contact person on how to ensure a lasting impact of the workshop – for example, how participants can follow up on the workshop, create a website with discussion forum for the participants, create a network, share examples of how the EOL tools were used to change environments.

see also: Practical information

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