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    CLIL and beyond (pluriliteracies)

CLIL and beyond:
pluriliteracies for deeper learning

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This training activity is a hands-on experience that will take participants from the basics of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) to an understanding of deeper learning episodes which support the transfer of learning across language and subjects, based on the Pluriliteracies model.

This training & consultancy activity is a result of the project "A pluriliteracies approach to teaching for learning".

Results and benefits

  • A deeper understanding of the role of CLIL and the transition to pedagogical and didactic approaches to Pluriliteracies for Deeper Learning 

  • Understanding of deeper learning episodes and their role in progression and transfer

Léargas Video

Target groups

  • Teachers;

  • Teacher educators;

  • University educators;

  • Heads of schools.


Video of an ECML training workshop in 2021

This is an abridged recording of 'CLIL and Beyond: Pluriliteracies for Deeper Learning', an online two-day training session delivered in 2021 by Kevin Schuck and Letizia Cinganotto from the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML).

 Léargas Video

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Training and consultancy offer 

CLIL and beyond

Trainings can be conducted in English, French or German.

This offer is targeted at teachers, teacher educators, university educators, and heads of schools.

Introduction to CLIL and beyond training sessions (PPT)

Format and structure

  • Presentation of theory and model (Bridging from CLIL to Pluriliteracies)
  • Hands-on activities, production of materials and sharing of resources
  • Reflection and evaluation

How the activity can be adapted

The activity can be personalised to fit larger and smaller groups as well as different levels of experience. The Training and consultancy team is made up of both a theoretical and practical experts with experience in diverse levels and subjects. 

Activities will be offered as promising practice and can be adapted to the particular environment, including national curriculum and assessment, as well as time, group size, availability of resources and other practical concerns.

Provision of member state

A physical environment for the training that has internet access, projection capabilities, audio, supports a group seating arrangement, and copying of documents, A contact person responsible for liaison with the team to arrange all logistical matters and to inform participants of any necessary information including pre-reading and any preparatory work.

see also: Practical information

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