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    CLIL and beyond (pluriliteracies)

Content and language integrated learning
and beyond pluriliteracies for deeper learning

Improving subject performance of learners in formal education, creating learning progression for heterogeneous groups and in inclusive settings; fostering literacy development across languages; encouraging whole school approaches to literacies development.



This activity addresses the development of subject literacies and transferable skills in contexts where learners are operating in more than one language, e.g. education of migrant children, content and language integrated learning (CLIL). The pluriliteracies approach will enable workshop participants to facilitate deep learning across languages, disciplines and cultures and it will provide ideas for adapting teaching approaches and materials to facilitate deep learning.

Target groups

  • Teachers;
  • Teacher trainers;
  • Curriculum writers.

Results and benefits

  • Review of learning progression in various subjects;
  • Adoption of new approaches to literacy development across school subjects and languages;
  • Classroom materials and teaching plans to foster literacy development and deep learning;
  • Competence to use digital media and apps to design deeper learning environments.

Long-term benefits

Learners will increase their subject performance and their command of academic language/language of schooling; deeper learning and better transfer of knowledge and skills is envisaged.

CLIL Training and Consultancy

Trainings can be conducted in English or German.

This offer is targeted at teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum writers and provides training courses and workshops to:

  • design material;
  • reflect on teaching and learning;
  • plan learning sequences.
  • Provision of member state

    • nomination of appropriate institutions and individuals to participate in the project
    • one or more interlocutors at senior level to discuss needs and objectives identified by the member state
    • information about current approaches and specific needs at local level
    • establishing contacts to the relevant target groups
    • co-organisation of local conferences and workshops
    • co-organisation of local conferences and workshops

    see also: Practical information

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