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ECML training and consultancy for member states

This strand of ECML activities responds in a targeted and bilateral way to specific national priorities in ECML member states.

Special features
Practical information

Added value of ECML training and consultancy

The ECML offers its member states European expertise in language education adapted to the concrete needs and specific contexts within individual countries. This bilateral support in a range of key areas helps strengthen the cooperation between member states and the ECML by taking the expertise gained from ECML projects directly into member states.

ECML experts work with national authorities and local experts to devise and implement in-country activities, tailored to the particular context and target audience. 

This mediation strand of ECML activity helps member states:

  • respond to the challenges presented by migration and mobility;
  • foster the professional development of language educators;
  • advance national reform processes;  
  • facilitate exchange of good practice through professional networks;
  • meet international standards. 

The Training and consultancy format of activities meets national needs perfectly, allowing us to deal with specific topics that may have direct impact at national level.

Eva-Maria Schädler, Schulamt des Fürstentums Liechtenstein

Meeting the demand

ECML Training and consultancy focus on the specific needs of a country taking up a particular offer. Thus, the expert team can design materials and provide training, awareness-raising and/or consultancy in a more contextualised way. The needs, as expressed by the partners in ECML member states requesting a particular Training and consultancy activity, are the starting point for this Training and Consultancy process.

Special features

Addressing educational priorities 

The Training and consultancy offered for member states cover topics high on the agenda of educational ministries, such as the use of on-line technology, testing of language competences and migrants’ education. They contribute to implementing the ECML’s long-term vision as expressed in the rationale of the 2016-2019 programme:

Quality language education is a pre-requisite for quality education overall. 

ECML expertise

The ECML expert teams offer international expertise and provide professional input which, combined with the expertise in the member state, will initiate quality developments and assist in change processes in language education at a number of levels (local, regional, national). 

Activities in this area are complementary to the ‘bottom-up’ approach of the ECML projects. The activities under the training and consultancy scheme offer expert support upon demand from high level ECML representatives for quality change processes in order to put plurilingual, intercultural and inclusive approaches into practice (top-down approach). 

Council of Europe values

Both ECML projects and ECML Training and consultancy activities promote Council of Europe language policies and ECML expertise in adapting European recommendations and instruments to local, regional and national contexts.

Practical information

  • ECML Training and consultancy activities can be requested by ECML Governing Board members only;
  • Local organiser: For each activity a local organiser will be designated by the requesting Governing Board member. The local organiser will:
  • → participate in a preparatory network meeting in Graz (travel and subsistence costs covered by the ECML);
    → liaise with the ECML experts and the ECML secretariat;
    → invite participants and organise the venue;
    → provide documentation of the event;

  • One preparatory network meeting is foreseen for each year where the ECML expert team and the local organisers of all countries involved will meet. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the expected contribution of the ECML experts, to agree on the content and to prepare a draft agenda of the activity.
  • Availability: The ECML will do its best to accommodate all requests received on time, depending on the level of demand and the availability of the experts.

Costs covered by the ECML

  • Preparatory network meeting in Graz: The ECML covers travel and subsistence costs of the local organiser and up to four expert team members for a one or two-day meeting.
  • Training workshop in the ECML member state: The ECML covers fees as well as travel and subsistence costs of two ECML experts for 2 training days plus a preceding day of preparation on site.
  • All other costs related to the training are covered by the host country.

5 forthcoming events


Mar 2021

ECML – EU cooperation agreement 2020-2021
Supporting Multilingual Clasrooms: network meeting
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Mar 2021

ECML – EU cooperation agreement 2020-2021
Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference (RELANG): network meeting
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Mar 2021

Setting up learning environments where modern languages flourish
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Training workshop online - part 2
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CLIL and beyond: luriliteracies for deeper learning - dates to be confirmed
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Czech Republic
Training workshop online
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Apr 2021

Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning (ICT-REV)
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Training workshop online
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Request ECML Training and Consultancy activity for 2021

Requests for a training and consultancy activity must be submitted via the national ECML representative in the Governing Board. Educational professionals interested in a particular activity should therefore contact their national representative. 

Find your national representative
Request form



The request form for an ECML Training and Consultancy activity for 2021 can be completed and sent by the ECML Governing Board member to the ECML 
by 28 February 2021.

E-mail to Margit.Huber@ecml.at 

** This training offer is open for 2020-2021.