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European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe

The ECML is a unique institution whose mission is to encourage excellence and innovation in language teaching and to help Europeans learn languages more efficiently. Our vision: A Europe committed to linguistic and cultural diversity... Find out more about the ECML

Programme 2020-2023
Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences

2020 marks the launch of the ECML’s 6th medium-term programme: “Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences.” This programme has been developed in direct response to identified language education priorities in ECML member states. Moreover, it is clearly situated within the context of wider Council of Europe priorities in education, in particular inclusive approaches to education and education for democratic citizenship, where the development of linguistic and intercultural competences plays a key role. The new programme 2020-2023 encompasses 9 projects and 12 Training and Consultancy activities.
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Upcoming events

29 - 01
Nov   Dec
Plurilingual education: pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. A didactic tool for integrated plurilingual and intercultural education (FREPA)
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Reims, France
Training workshop
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Dec 2021

Resources for assessing the home language competences of migrant pupils
Preparatory meeting of the workshop
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Dec 2021

ECML – EU cooperation agreement 2020-2021
Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference (RELANG)
National training workshop (part 1 of 2)
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Innovative methodologies and assessment in language learning

A Cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe and the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission. Find out more...

This action involves two initiatives:

Member states of the ECML

Austria: host country of the ECML

To support the work of the ECML, the host country has established the Austrian Association of the ECML, which operates as the interface between the Council of Europe and the Austrian authorities.

Visiting the ECML
We'd be happy to welcome you to the Centre! View details

ECML 25th Anniversary Conference 

Languages at the heart of learning:  25 years of inspiring innovation

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Webinar “Roadmap for supporting the language(s) of schooling”

We know that language lies at the heart of all learning; we know that highly developed competences in the language of schooling are key to learner achievement. But do we understand the importance of adopting a whole-school approach for identifying and addressing learners’ linguistic needs?

If you would like to find out about the benefits of a whole-school approach when it comes to the language of schooling, as well as tips on how to engage all stakeholders in your school community, then this webinar is for you. 

Roadmap is a web-based, user-friendly resource for creating a strategic whole-school development plan which will foster inclusion by raising awareness of all languages present in the school community and provide concrete guidance on how to advance learners’ competences in the language(s) of schooling. 

It offers an interactive self-assessment tool, practical materials and a large database of promising practices and can be adapted to specific national contexts. One such adaptation has already taken place in Ireland- why and how this was done will be presented at the webinar. 

The webinar is intended for all those working in language education and on language-related themes within school development - teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and administrators.

Recorded 21 October 2021

Webinar in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGqMab9rdMM 

Take part in the ECML colloquium
“The future of language education in the light of Covid – lessons learned and ways forward”

Tuesday, 14 December 2021, 9:30-17:45 (CET) 

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The place of home languages at school: participate in a European survey!

The RECOLANG team (Resources for assessing the home language competences of migrant pupils) is carrying out a European survey on the place of home languages at school, particularly within different education programmes or curricula involving migrant adolescents aged 11-18.

This survey focuses on the practices of assessing home language skills and their role in different European education systems. 

The survey is made up of two complementary sections aimed at two different target audiences:

  • A section aimed at pupils aged between 11 and 18 (or their families), who are from a migrant background and one or more home languages other than the language(s) of the school. This section is available in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Persian (Dari/Farsi), Portuguese and Turkishhttps://surveyforlearners.questionpro.com
  • A section for schools and educational institutions, teaching and supervisory staff in schools, reception centres and organisations involved in initial and further professional development of teachers working with this age group (11-18 years). This section is available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese: https://enqueteinstitutionseducatives.questionpro.com

The survey will be online until the end of 2021. We would be very grateful if you could participate in this survey and disseminate it as widely as possible through your professional networks to anyone who might be interested in this project.

The Recolang project team

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Recently published

ECML treasure chest of resources for learners, parents and teachers in times of Covid-19

Are you a parent struggling to find motivating activities to support your child’s language development at home? Or a language teacher adapting your pedagogy to online delivery? Perhaps you are a student, who would like to use this opportunity to have some fun while working on your language skills? If so, the new ECML treasure chest is for you.

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ECML 25th Anniversary Declaration: "Quality language education for a democratic, socially cohesive and peaceful Europe: nine ECML cornerstones"

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ECML programme outputs 2016-2019 "Languages at the heart of learning"

Download the resource catalogue : English - French






Resource of the month

Action research communities for language teachers

Action research facilitates the development of reflective classroom practice by linking professional networks, academic expertise and good practice in the language classroom. It supports teachers in enhancing the quality of their teaching and in strengthening their confidence.

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A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling

This resource website enables your school to setup a tailor-made wholeschool strategy to advance learners’ competences in the language(s) of schooling. The web-based tools support the schools to develop the linguistic and critical thinking skills ALL learners need in ALL subjects to ensure learning and school success.

• Web-based survey tool for self-assessment
• Examples of promising practice
• Information pack for coordinators involved in the school’s development process

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25th Anniversary publication

Changing contexts, evolving competences: 25 years of inspiring innovation in language education

This publication celebrates a momentous stage in the history of the European Centre for Modern Languages: its 25th anniversary. Its central aims are to review and showcase the achievements of the ECML, as reflected in its many projects and publications, and to put its achievements in the context of the broader work of the Council of Europe.

This publication offers a fascinating journey through the world of international language education over a quarter of a century, seen from the perspective of one of its main actors, the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe.

Demographic, political and technological changes in society combined with globalisation have dramatically reshaped the educational landscape in Europe in the past 25 years. As a result, the language-related expectations and challenges within national education systems have significantly evolved.

The publication which focuses on the role and achievements of the ECML in this context, includes contributions from international experts working at the cutting edge of language education as well as testimonials from stakeholders responsible for supporting and implementing innovative approaches to language education around Europe.

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Featured tools

Professional Network Forum

The Professional Network Forum is formed of international associations and institutions that share common values and have overlapping expertise in the field of language education and assessment. Read more

The future of language education in the light of Covid
Lessons learned and ways forward

The initiative explores how the ongoing Covid pandemic has affected language education, and at ways in which the skills and insights gained may bring about beneficial lasting changes in the teaching and learning of languages.

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