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    Supporting the language(s) of schooling (ROADMAP)

Supporting the language(s) of schooling 
The ROADMAP - a web-based, user-friendly and customised self-assessment tool to foster school development

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Supporting students to master the language(s) of schooling is key for their successful learning. The team offers activities based on the whole-school approach to help participants understand the various dimensions connected to the language development of all students. The aim is to support academic development in all school subjects and to set up a school development plan. 

Please get in touch with the ROADMAP team (nermina.wikstrom@skolverket.se) if you have any further questions.

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This training and consultancy activity is a result of the project "A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling".

Understanding the ECML project "A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling": Theory-based description of the ROADMAP and its rationale. Download

Target groups

  • teachers
  • head teachers
  • school leaders
  • school administrators
  • teacher educators
  • decision and policy makers in relation to language/intercultural policies
  • language organisations, associations and institutions

The ROADMAP highlights the importance of the whole-school approach so it might be valuable to build an interdisciplinary target group with participants having different profiles.

Results and benefits

  • Getting familiar with the whole-school approach in order to know how to engage all the stakeholders involved in the school’s development
  • Raising awareness of the language dimension in all subjects in order to foster the language(s) of schooling
  • Getting to know other ECML projects by exploring some of their promising practices relevant to the fostering of the language(s) of schooling
  • Developing the knowledge and skills needed to set up and manage the ROADMAP tool
  • Reflecting on how to build a school development plan according to the results of the ROADMAP tool

Adaptation and implementation of the Roadmap in Ireland

Request ECML training and consultancy activity for 2024

Requests for a training and consultancy activity must be submitted via the national ECML representative in the Governing Board. Educational professionals interested in a particular activity should therefore contact their national representative. 

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Training and consultancy offer

Activities can be conducted in English, French or German.

This offer is targeted at school teams, head teachers, policy makers, teacher educators or interdisciplinary groups.

Example of a workshop in Sweden (November 2022) for download

Format of activity 

Professional development activity: Suitable for school teams. Helping teams implement the Roadmap in their school and use the results to set up a customised language strategy focusing on the language(s) of schooling. 

Workshop: Suitable for head teachers, policy-makers or interdisciplinary groups. Understanding how to set up a whole-school approach to the language(s) of schooling and getting familiar with the Roadmap in order to be able to implement it in the future.

Management and process consulting: Suitable for policy makers or governing educational boards who wish to set up a whole-school approach to the language(s) of schooling on a larger scale (e.g. a school district, a region or at national level). The team will guide policy makers to spread usage of the Roadmap and empower schools. 

"Train the trainer": Suitable for in-service teacher educators working with teachers to raise awareness of the language dimension in all subjects.

How the activity can be adapted and tailored to specific contexts and needs

The whole-school approach of the Roadmap can be used both in digital and paper form. Thanks to the relevant supporting material at hand, schools can self-assess the way language is developed and can get inspired by promising practices from across Europe.
The training activities and consultancy can be conducted in English or French. 

Expected cooperation from local organisers requesting this offer

Member states should provide a short description of the situation related to the language(s) of schooling in their national context, explain why the topic is a national priority and outline the expectations they have about the activity. Their collaboration with the team will enable tailor-made activities to be set up.

see also: Practical information

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