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    Online catalogue

Online catalogue


The online catalogue provides bibliographical notes on the works in the ECML's documentation and resource centre. The collection contains nearly 7 200 documents and is organised into three collections:

Catalogue access and documentary tools

Cataloguing at the Council of Europe (including at the ECML) is based on the MARC format, AACR standards and the CERES thesaurus (Council of Europe Retrieval System).

Access the ECML online catalogue 

Search criteria

Searches can be limited to:

  • the collection related to ECML projects and activities: in the library field, choose to search the "European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz (ECML)";
  • the John L.M. Trim collection: in the library field, choose to search the "John Trim Collection (ECML)";

Searches can be extended to:

  • all documents in the ECML: in the library field, choose to search the "Graz Library (ECML TRIM)";
  • other online Council of Europe libraries: in the library field, choose to search the relevant library/libraries in the shared catalogue;

Searches can be made according to the following criteria: author, title, subject, language, year of publication, format, ISBN or ISSN, document reference, document type, location.

Thesaurus and classmarks
To optimise your search, use the subject headings and keywords in the CERES thesaurus or ECML classmarks.
Classification system, subject headings and keywords used by the ECML for:

Provision of thematic bibliographies on request.

Professional tools for documentalists and librarians
available on the Council of Europe website: