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Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment – METLA as a good practice of using the CEFR-CV for the development of materials

Author: Catherine Seewald/12 July 2023/Categories: Show on front page, project news, Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment

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As coordinator of the METLA project "Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment", I was honoured to participate in the national event for the launch of the CEFR-Companion Volume organised on 30 June in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by the Ministry of Education of Slovenia. The presentation focused on the ways that the CEFR-CV can be used in order for the teacher to construct his/her own mediation tasks. The CEFR-CV (2020) adds on, extends and updates the CEFR (2001) by providing a number of new scales which can help teachers when designing cross-linguistic mediation tasks. 

The METLA Teaching Guide provides suggestions on how the teacher can select the appropriate CEFR-CV descriptors relating to cross-linguistic mediation. Each METLA task provides information about the specific scales and descriptors that each task is linked to. The talk also referred to the other outcomes of the METLA project, provided examples from the METLA activities, defined cross-linguistic mediation and invited teachers to download the METLA materials from the new resources page. There was also a reference to the new Call for project proposals for the new ECML programme 2024-2027 “Language education at the heart of democracy”. We hope that the METLA outputs will encourage the use and expansion of cross-linguistic mediation at a larger European level by providing teachers with different examples which should be seen not just as models, but as an inspiration for the development of their own tasks to suit their own specific educational contexts.

Author: Maria Stathopoulou, ECML coordinator of the METLA project





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