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    Experts involved in ECML activities

Italy: experts involved in ECML activities

Coordinators and team members of ECML projects



  • Andrea Abel, Europäische Akademie Bozen - Accademia Europea di Bolzano, Institute for Specialized Communication and Multilingualism, Italy.
    ECML project: coordinator of the project "Diversity in majority language learning – Supporting teacher education" (MALEDIVE) (2012-2015); network meeting (30-31 January 2014)

  • Anna Maria Curci, German teacher, teacher trainer, MIUR - Istituto Tecnico Statale "Vincenzo Arangio Ruiz", Rome.
    ECML project: team member of the project "Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education" (CARAP for Parents) (2013-2014); workshop (28-30 April 2014)

  • Michael John Hammersley, Lecturer, University of Bologna. 
    ECML projects:
    - team member of the project "Languages in corporate quality" (LINCQ) (2012-2013); expert meeting (2012); workshop (21-22 November 2013)
    - “Developing migrants' language competences at the workplace” (Language for Work); network meeting (5-6 December 2013)

Associate partners

  • Maddalena de Carlo, Università degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionalec, Cassino, Italy.
    ECML project: "Towards a Common European Framework of Reference for Language Teachers"; network meeting (Graz, 8-9 September 2016)

  • Tiziana Cignatta, Liceo Classico G. Da Vigo – Rapallo (GE),SSIS (Scuola di Specializzazione all'Insegnamento  Secondario), University of Genoa, Italy.
    ECML project: Encouraging the culture of evaluation among professionals (ECEP) (2008-2011) 

  • Teresa Ting, Assistant Professor of English Applied Linguistics/ Expert, University of Calabria.
    ECML project:
    - "Literacies through Content and Language Integrated Learning: effective learning across subjects and languages" (CLIL and literacy) (2013-2015); network meeting (17-18 June 2014)

ECML conference, workshop and network meeting partcipants