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Intercultural and plurilingual approaches to teaching – FREPA tools: analysis and further development in the Slovenian context (7-8 November 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Author: Catherine Seewald/30 November 2016/Categories: Slovenia, Plurilingual education, 6mtp TAC Plurilingual education, CARAP

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Organisation: National Education Institute of Slovenia in partnership with the ECML.

The FREPA training and consultancy event (TaC) on “Plurilingual and intercultural competences: descriptors and teaching materials (FREPA)” was conducted in Slovenia again after two years since the first TaC. The 22 participants who attended were teachers of six different foreign languages, coming from universities, primary and secondary schools, furthermore counsellors for FL from the National Education Institute, a Ministry Secretary for Languages, a Language Officer from the European Commission, Representation in Slovenia, and a representative from the Parents Association in Slovenia.

The TaC was for the second time succesfully moderated by Brigitte Gerber and Petra Daryai-Hansen, FREPA project team members. 

The relevance of the FREPA for the Slovenian foreign language teaching context was presented by Janez Skela from the University of Ljubljana. The event focused on two pluralistic approaches – the intercultural and integrated didactic –, which were illustrated through practical examples of teaching material. The FREPA descriptors as translated into Slovene were used to check the FREPA database material criteria.

It was concluded that the FREPA descriptors are an appropriate foundation for the systematic planning and implementing of pluralistic approaches in teaching. It was also decided to develop pluralistic approaches by designing teaching materials according to the given criteria and enter them in the FREPA database.
Moreover, the participants wanted to create a school partnership network for pluralistic approaches. The ESF project tender, launched on 4 November 2016 by the Ministry for Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia, seems to present a useful opportunity.
Moreover, it was decided to update the country web page on the CARAP website dedicated to Slovenia with the events and materials since 2014. 

The materials from the TaC in Ljubljana are available on the web platform “Languages in education”.


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