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“Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches” – The network continues its work and exchanges

ECML project (2020-2023)

Author: Catherine Seewald/29 April 2022/Categories: Show on front page, ECML programme 2020-2023, Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches

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Network meeting participants:

  • Team members (and associated partners, if any) who participated: Ana Isabel Andrade, Brigitte Gerber, Anna Schröder-Sura, Monica Vlad, Michel Candelier, Maddalena De Carlo, Lukas Bleichenbacher
  • 3 February 2022: 23 participants
  • 5 April 2022: 27 participants


After a first network meeting on 3 February 2022, the project team and the members of the expert network for the project “Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches - Training and reflection tools for teachers and teacher educators” met online again on 5 April to share their work on the two main axes of the project: the identification of teacher competences for pluralistic approaches and the creation of materials for teacher education in this domain.

Among its latest productions, the project team proposed a general introduction providing explanations of the tools being developed in a question-and-answer format and PowerPoint presentations. This is available on the project's web page, along with the parts of the framework that have already been developed and some initial examples of sequences to be used in teacher education.

The team also demonstrated to the participants part of a new training sequence aimed at developing teachers' competences in helping learners to draw on their linguistic repertoires, even when it comes to languages with which the teacher is not familiar.

Members of the network presented various types of work in progress:

  • adaptations for particular contexts of materials produced by the team or other participants, e.g. with the aim of encouraging reflection as a tool for developing pluralistic approaches in one's practice, for example in the implementation of integrated didactic approaches;
  • innovative materials for teacher education, for example for developing teachers' knowledge of plurilingual approaches, for engaging them in reflection on their own plurilingualism and on how to support their learners in the same kind of approach, for developing their competences in supporting learners' awareness of the link between culture and language, or for taking into account the plurilingualism of learners, for example, in the learning of mathematics.

The exchanges during the meeting led to the initiation of new projects and a clearer approach to others. The production and piloting of training materials by the network members for the development of teaching competences specific to pluralistic approaches will continue over the coming months.

Christine Gerber, project coordinator


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