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Workshop “Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning” (21-22 September 2017)

ECML training and consultancy for Luxembourg

Author: Catherine Seewald/20 October 2017/Categories: Show on front page, Luxembourg, 6mtp TaC Online technology (ICT-REV)

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Date: 21-22 September 2017

Venue: Institut national des langues (INL), 15 rue Léon Hengen, 1745 Luxembourg

Participants: 28 teachers and teacher trainers from the different language departments at INL


Participation in Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning workshop is especially worthwhile for course organisers and teachers who want to promote a contemporary learner-centered approach to language learning, which fully embraces the opportunities provided by ICT tools.  The workshop enables participants to integrate ICT tools in their teaching in a productive and reflected manner. Attitudes towards technology in teaching are discussed in an open and safe environment that encourages the exchange of pedagogical attitudes, practices and (classroom) experiences.

One of the main strengths of the workshop is the provision of numerous opportunities to share best practices and know-how. The approach of the workshop is constructive, and builds on the experience of the participants.  As a result, it is interesting and worthwhile for participants of all skill-levels. The trainers are able to provide assistance when needed, thus removing the technical stumbling blocks that all too often discourage teachers from using ICT tools. Indeed, the sheer enthusiasm of the ICT-REV team is a great motivator, and their sound pedagogical approach encourages emulation.

Deliberate reflection on the various aspects of teaching and learning is encouraged and plays a key role. Technology is presented as a means to end, which is to increase the efficiency and sustainability of learning and teaching processes. This approach should allow the development of teacher competencies, more varied practices and ultimately improved courses.

Christiane Klein (local organiser), Institut national des langues




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