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Signed languages for professional purposes: ECML PRO-Sign project

Journal articles

Author: Catherine Seewald/29 October 2013/Categories: Journal article, Pro-Sign - Signed languages

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An expert team from Switzerland published two journal articles following their participation in the first European workshop of the ECML project "Signed languages for professional purposes (PRO-Sign) (2012-2015).

The PRO-Sign project is a highly significant step toward the establishment of European standards for specifying proficiency levels for use in Deaf Studies and Interpreting programmes offered at tertiary level.

1) Article in German

Shores, Patty / Martens-Wagner / Julia und Kollien, Simon, „Zwei Veranstaltungen im Rahmen des PRO-Sign-Projektes in Graz, Österreich“, Beitrag aus: DAS ZEICHEN 94/2013, Zeitschrift für Sprache und Kultur Gehörloser, in Schauplätze, 2013, pp. 330-333.

See also ECML news item published on 12 September 2013

2) Article in French, German and Italian

Shores, Patty / Daiss-Klang, Brigitte / Pangri, Janja / Adaptation rédactionnelle: Martina Raschle / Traduction: Daisy Maglia / Photos: Julia Martens-Wagner, Silva Duka, Fais-moi signe, Octobre/Novembre 2013.

Shores, Patty / Daiss-Klang, Brigitte / Pangri, Janja  / Überarbeitung: Martina Raschle / Fotos: Julia Martens-Wagner, Silva Duka, Visuell Plus, Oktober/November 2013.

Shores, Patty / Daiss-Klang, Brigitte / Pangri, Janja  / Rielaborazione: Martina Raschle / Traduzione: Emilia Penella; Foto: Julia Martens-Wagner, Silva Duka, Segni amo, Ottobre/Novembre 2013.

Next PRO-Sign events (2014-2015)

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