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Quality assurance in language and citizenship courses for adult migrants

In order to ensure that the objectives of any educational provision are met and that it is cost effective, quality assurance (QA) and quality development are a must. However, language and related courses for adult migrants often take place in contexts where there is little scope for focused QA, and little support available internally or externally for the development of quality.


  • To enhance the quality of language and citizenship courses focusing on the integration of adult migrants by providing  training and consultancy in QA and quality initiative; 
  • To enable national & regional authorities to establish or upgrade quality assurance and quality control measures for optimum effectiveness; 
  • To enhance the level of expertise of teachers, teacher trainers and course directors in delivering language education to adult migrants; 
  • To stimulate the regular exchange of expertise and good practice in this field, and to consolidate communities of good practice.

Target groups

  • Managers of institutions and/or directors of courses for migrants;

  • Decision makers;

  • Trainers of teachers of migrants and teachers, as well as other personnel involved in course delivery.

Envisaged result and impact of the ECML training and consultancy


  • more managers and personnel trained to work on quality assurance and quality development in the fiel;
  • models of training courses and workshops that can be replicated flexibly after the life of the project are offered, incl. materials and tools to support training, quality assurance and quality development in this field;
  • creation/consolidation of communities of good practice, and greater awareness of QA options and procedures at all levels;
  • (optional) national or international benchmarking of provision for migrants against agreed standards, and development of course or centre accreditation systems.


LEADING TO: Higher quality course provision that meets the needs of this vulnerable group while fulfilling national objectives.


Richard Rossner, Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services (EAQUALS), United Kingdom;

Laura Muresan, PROSPER-ASE Language Centre, Romania;

Ludka Kotarska, Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services EAQUALS; ELS-Bell Education Ltd, Poland

Pernelle Benoit, Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP), France