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    Training and consultancy themes

ECML training and consultancy for member states

This new ECML activity format is intended to respond in a targeted and bilateral way to the needs of ECML member states requesting support for developments in language education. It aims to strengthen the Centre’s cooperation with ministries and decision-makers in member states.

This new format for ECML activities is expected to support the member states in:

  • addressing challenges in national language education 
    o meeting international standards;
    o dealing with the effects of mobility;
    o fostering the professional development of language educators;
  • conducting reform processes 
    o promoting quality and excellence;
    o facilitating exchange of good practice through professional networks. 

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Activities in this area are complementary to the ‘bottom-up’ approach of the ECML projects. The activities under the training and consultancy scheme offer expert support upon demand from high level representatives for quality change processes in order to put plurilingual, intercultural and inclusive approaches into practice (top-down approach).

In the long-term, all ECML projects may evolve to offer training and consultancy activities. Both, mediation projects and training and consultancy promote Council of Europe language policies and ECML expertise in adapting European recommendations and instruments to local, regional and national contexts.

ECML mediation projects aim to serve all of the ECML’s member states who are invited to nominate qualified participants for the workshops taking place within these projects. The ECML project teams take into account the variety and broad scope of the different national contexts. In a complementary approach, ECML training and consultancy focus on the specific needs of a country taking up a particular offer. Thus, the expert team can design materials and provide training, awareness-raising and/or consultancy in a more contextualised way. The needs, as expressed by the partners in ECML member states requesting a particular training and consultancy activity, are the starting point for this training and consultancy process.

The training and consultancy offered for member states cover topics high on the agenda of educational ministries, such as the use of on-line technology, testing of language competences and migrants’ education. They contribute to implementing the ECML’s long-term vision as expressed in the rationale of the 2012-2015 programme: the learner’s right to quality education which implies the use of inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural pedagogic approaches for all learners.

The expert teams offer international expertise and provide input which, combined with the expertise in the member state, will initiate quality developments and assist in change processes in language education at a number of levels (local, regional, national).


Training and consultancy themes

The following themes for training and consultancy are offered to member states:

Offer for on-line technology for lifelong language education
Supporting local networks of users of the European Language Portfolio through an e-platform

Offer for the education of adult migrants
Quality assurance in language and citizenship courses for adult migrants

Offer for plurilingual education
Plurilingual and intercultural competences: descriptors and teaching materials (FREPA)

Offer of QualiRom training and consultancy activities
Enhancing Romani language education in schools in Europe  - QualiRom training and consultancy activities

The focus of the training and consultancy offered under this strand will be tailored according to the specific needs and context of individual ECML member states interested in taking up the individual proposals.

How to request an ECML training and consultancy activity?

Requests for a training and consultancy activity should be submitted via the national ECML representative in the Governing Board. Educational professionals interested in a particular activity should therefore contact their national representative (see govboard.ecml.at).

Seeking ECML training and consultancy
Educational professionals interested in a particular activity should contact their national ECML representative (govboard.ecml.at)

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