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    How to get involved

Inspiring language learning in the early years
Why it matters and what it looks like for children aged 3-12 years

How to get involved?

Individuals with a special interest and professional background in the topic of this particular project are invited to take up contact with the ECML National Nominating Authority in their country so that they can be considered for participation in the corresponding project workshop.

Project workshop, 12-13 September 2018

The workshop will focus on

  • Development of concepts and materials
  • The workshop will focus on early years learning communities (young people aged 3 – 12). In the workshop we will explore ways to develop approaches to teaching and learning that make the use of language(s), language maintenance and development more accessible to both teachers and pupils. In addition, we will examine the notion of how learners’ existing linguistic repertoires can contribute positively to the learning and teaching of additional languages:

    • through the use of existing ECML resources,
    • by developing new ideas and discovering inspiring practices and resources from the different ECML member states.

    During the workshop, participants will appraise and analyse tools and strategies which harness the broad range of resources used by children to explore their environments. They will consider how these can be used in particular educational settings. Information on these tools and pedagogic strategies will be sent to the participants well in advance of the workshop.

    Working languages

    English and French (with simultaneous interpretation between these two languages).

    Profile of participants

    Participants will have a professional background in early years’ education and will be responsible either

    • for the (initial) training and continuing professional development of those who work in the field of pre-primary and primary education or 
    • for Early Language Learning.

    Depending on the specific contexts of the individual member states this may include, but not be confined to those working at a governmental level, as well as teacher educators and inspectors.

    Participant involvement / tasks before the workshop

    Participants will be asked to engage critically with the tools and resources presented on the project website and identify how these might be used in their particular curricular context. They will be invited to suggest further resources and examples of inspiring practice.

    Participant involvement during the workshop

    During the workshop, participants will be asked to contribute to the discussions on creating a shared understanding of the principles and approaches which contribute to inspiring language learning and teaching in the early years and how these can be applied to the individual context of the different ECML member states.

    Participant involvement after the workshop

    Participants will be expected to disseminate the tools and resources identified in this project through their networks.

    Expected workshop outputs

    • Examples of inspiring practice and how they can be applied to the varying contexts in ECML member states.

    Expected workshop outcomes

    • A shared understanding of the concept of plurilingualism and what this means for the teaching and learning of language(s) in the early years.
If you wish to participate click here and contact your National nominating authority.