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    ICT in language teaching and learning (ICT-REV)

Using ICT in support of language teaching and learning


ICT-REV Website

Shortcut: www.ecml.at/ict-rev



This activity provides training in the application of pedagogical principles in teaching languages with technology. It promotes the effective use of ICT tools and open resources in support of quality language teaching and learning. The key reference tool is the “ECML inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources”. The activity initiates local and regional clusters of multipliers promoting the use of ICT tools and open educational resources.

Language education is an area where open-access resources, online courses, virtual classrooms and social networks based on information and communication technology (ICT) are being increasingly used to give learners access to information, promote interaction and communication, and enhance digital literacy skills. However, the urgent need for teachers to provide online tuition, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the increasingly rapid development of tools and resources present both opportunities and challenges. In order to maximize the potential of ICT in language teaching, it is crucial that it is used in a pedagogically sound way that corresponds to the individual needs of the learners. It is also important that the use of ICT is introduced and supported in a sustainable way and in a range of pedagogical approaches that promote lifelong learning.

This training & consultancy activity is a result of the project "Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources".

Target groups

  • Language teacher
  • Teachers educators
  • Language policy makers
  • Multipliers

Results and benefits

This initiative will benefit teachers, teacher educators and other stakeholders involved in language teaching, who will be able to make use of the training activities and the training materials as well as other resources on the website. The workshops, for teachers and multipliers, will be based on a strong ‘hands-on’ approach. All participants will be required to take part in preparatory activities prior to the workshop (via the workspace), participate actively in the workshop itself and also take part in post-workshop activities (web involvement and dissemination within their own context). 

The online aspect of teaching will also be reinforced by involving remote (“online”) participants whenever possible. The project aims to reach the largest possible number of teaching professionals, giving them hands-on experience of online learning and teaching and integrating them into a growing community of practice of European language professionals.

Teachers will become aware that the effective blending of appropriate pedagogical principles with technology is crucial for creating successful language learning activities, and they will develop a set of skills necessary to do this alone and in collaboration with others, in their own professional context.

They will develop individualised teaching and training modules using available ICT tools and open educational resources for language teaching and become aware of their needs in terms of continual professional development. They will also be shown ways of pursuing this development both individually and via the initiation of local or regional clusters of multipliers.

Long-term benefits

  • After the workshop participants will be able to support their colleagues in raising awareness of the importance of integrating pedagogy and technology, tackling obstacles that might currently hinder effective integration of ICT in their teaching context, while building on their own strengths and experiences.
  • Multipliers and teacher trainers will be able to use the unique training programme developed by the team and the freely available activities and training modules in their own delivery of workshops in the member state concerned, reaching a much larger audience. This will eventually have a cascading effect.
  • Feedback from participants and local coordinators to language policy makers will raise their awareness of the needs of language teachers, teacher trainers and multipliers. Overall, this will lead to a more bottom-up understanding of the need for professional development and integration of pedagogy and technology in the area of ICT use, which will increase digital literacy.

Webinar "Take your language teaching online!"

Recorded 6, 8 and 11 May 2020.

Webinar in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lt1gqzMBv0
Webinar in French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrM13-eqonE
Webinar in German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCDi4Uh9MFE

Webinar "Take your language teaching online!"

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ICT-REV Training and consultancy offer

Trainings can be conducted in English, German or French.

Training and awareness-raising workshops

The ICT-REV 2-day workshops provide training for a maximum of 20 participants in the application of pedagogical principles in teaching languages with technology, and raise awareness about the need for self-training in the use of ICT.

Each national training event is specifically adapted and tailored to the needs of the particular country. Participants at these workshops are also specifically selected for their multiplier capacities.

Moodle workspace

Provision of a Moodle Workspace to support teachers and multipliers in advancing their training and communicating with other teachers and multipliers

Key reference tool 

ECML inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Provision of member state

The member state needs to nominate a local coordinator who will be in close contact with the team. This local coordinator will be responsible for helping the team draw up the initial individualised workshop programme, i.e. they must be aware of the needs on the ground. This person will also be in charge of organising the recruitment of workshop participants. Finally, the local coordinator will need to organise the workshop venue and ensure that it is in line with the requirements agreed with the expert team.

see also: Practical information

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Download flyer in English, French and German


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