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    Hanna Komorowska
About us - Programme consultants 2012-2015

Hanna Komorowska


Name                      Komorowska

First Name               Hanna

Address for correspondence  E-Mail


Full professor
Institute of English, Warsaw University
Website (of institution)
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
High Level Group on Multilingualism (Brussels - EU), ELTECS (English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme), International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics, The Polish Neophilological Association
Major collaborative work / projects /accomplishments in European context
Report on Multilingualism - Brussels (co-author), European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages - Graz (co-author)
Main areas of research/expertise
Teacher education, Syllabus design, Teaching young learners,  Evaluation and testing
Main publications
- Komorowska, H. 2007. Issues in the Language Policy of the European Union  Motivation as a Key Factor in Promoting Language Learning. Glottodidactica vol XXXIII. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM. 7-19.
- Komorowska, H. 2006. Teaching English as a lingua franca. In: J. Zybert ( ed). 2006. Issues in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching. Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.
- Komorowska, H. 2005. Linguistic policy effects of the European Union enlargement. In. R.. Festauer et al. ( eds). 2005. Mehrsprachigkeit und Kommunikation in der Diplomatie. Diplomatische Akademie. Wien: Favorita Papers 04/2005 ss 35-51 ISBN 3-902021-48-9.
- Komorowska, H. 2004. CEF in Pre- and In-Service Teacher Education . In: K. Morrow ( ed) 2004: Insights into the Common European Framework. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0 19 4309509 (pp 55-64).
Komorowska, H. 2000. Young Language Learners in Poland. W: M. Nikolov, H. Curtain (eds). 2000. An Early Start: Young Learners and Modern Languages in Europe and Beyond. Strasbourg, Council of Europe. European Centre for Modern Languages (pp 117-133).