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The ECML is a unique institution whose mission is to encourage excellence and innovation in language teaching and to help Europeans learn languages more efficiently. Our vision: A Europe committed to linguistic and cultural diversity... Find out more about the ECML

Upcoming events


Jul 2024

Using ICT in support of language teaching and learning (ICT-REV)
ECML – EU cooperation agreement 2024
National training workshop
Prague, Czechia
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Aug 2024

Language for work
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Training workshop
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Sep 2024

Enhancing language learning and teaching through Action Research Communities for language teachers
ECML training and consultancy for member States
Training workshop
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Featured resources

Rethinking language education after the experience of Covid - Final report

Available in English and French

This new publication from April 2023 offers both a timely reflection on the challenges faced and the approaches developed over the course of the pandemic and a look into the future at ways in which the skills and insights gained may bring about beneficial lasting changes in the teaching and learning of languages. 

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Dedicated webpage

European Day of Languages 2024    

Multilingual glossary
of key terms
in language education

An overview of key terms, definitions and references used in ECML projects since 2012.
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Lara's journey through Europe’s regional and minority languages

In this chapter of her journey, Lara explores the fascinating world of regional and minority languages along with some of Europe’s other linguistic treasures! 

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Latest addition to the ICT-REV inventory

La Digitale (Free and open-source toolbox for education)

La Digitale is a toolbox of completelz free and open-source applications specially designed for educational purposes. Some of these are a collaborative pinboard, a QR-code generator, a video trimmer, a flashcard creator, and more. It started as a personal project of developer Emmanuel Zimmert and is collaboratively financed by individuals and supported by AFT-RN (Association des formateurs TICE - Réseau national). La Digitale does not require creating an account or logging in for its use. Its website is available in French and Italian, although each tool featured on La Digitale is available in several languages... View details

ECML Programme

Programme 2024-2027
Language education at the heart of democracy

(2022)1 on the importance of plurilingual and intercultural education for democratic culture provides the overarching framework for the ECML’s 7th medium-term programme, “Language education at the heart of democracy”. This first ever holistic Recommendation, embracing all languages, all sectors and wider society, reinforces the role of quality language education in equipping learners to become autonomous social agents, actively engaged in strengthening our democracies. 

With its unique position at the interface between policy, research, teacher education and classroom practice, the new ECML programme will focus primarily on activities to support and further develop the wellbeing, resilience and competences of all those working in the field, so that they in turn can empower their learners.  In this way, it aims to transform language education into a vibrant force at the core of democratic ideals.

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ECML Conference 13-14 December 2023
Inspiring innovation in language education:
changing contexts, evolving competences

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Programme 2020-2023
Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences

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ECML resources of the 2020-2023 programme

Download output flyer

ECML-European commission initiatives

Innovative methodologies and assessment in language learning

A Cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe and the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission. Find out more...

This action involves three initiatives:

Additionally, the action supports the organization of a series of other events:

Initiative “The future of language education in the light of Covid – lessons learned and ways forward"

Organised jointly with the Professional Network Forum and the European Commission

The initiative explores how the ongoing Covid pandemic has affected language education, and at ways in which the skills and insights gained may bring about beneficial lasting changes in the teaching and learning of languages.
More about the initiative

Inspiring Innovation in European Language Teacher Education
Summer Academy for teacher educators working in the field of languages

The call for the 3rd ECML Summer academy was launched in February and is open until 22 April 2024

For inquiries related to application, please contact the National Nominating Authority of your country.

View the draft programme here.

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Colloquium 7 November 2023: Regional and minority languages within a plurilingual context

View details and videos from the event

About the ECML

Member states of the ECML

Austria: host country of the ECML

To support the work of the ECML, the host country has established the Austrian Association of the ECML, which operates as the interface between the Council of Europe and the Austrian authorities.

Visiting the ECML
We'd be happy to welcome you to the Centre! View details

ECML documents




25th Anniversary declaration

"Quality language education for a democratic, socially cohesive and peaceful Europe: nine ECML cornerstones" 
Available in many languages

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Professional Network Forum

The Professional Network Forum is formed of international associations and institutions that share common values and have overlapping expertise in the field of language education and assessment. Read more

Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro's free survey templates . We've found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.