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    Programme 2016-2019

Languages at the heart of learning

As language is at the root of all learning, there can be no quality education without quality language and intercultural education. All teachers, at all levels, whatever subject they teach, have an important part to play in building their learners' linguistic and intercultural repertoires. This is reflected in the new title – Languages at the heart of learning.


The programme consists of two strands: development and mediation.

The development strand focuses on creating new solutions to the challenges identified by our member states, through projects and think tanks; through the mediation strand member states can adapt and implement existing ECML resources, access ECML expertise through Training and consultancy and national support events, celebrate the European Day of Language and take part in conferences, webinars and colloquia open to a wider public. 


Current priorities in ECML member states

Quick presentation of the new programme

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  • Teacher education for early language learning (to be established in 2016)
  • Whole-school teacher cooperation for support in the language(s) of schooling (to be established in 2016)
  • Pathways for learning (to be established in 2018)

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Training and Consultancy activities carried out within member states will be complemented by central events in Graz

** Activities under the ECML - EC cooperation agreement 2015-2016

MEDIATION activities

  • Dissemination conferences and workshops for national contact points
  • Central events (2-3 per year) on specific topics of interest, e.g. quality in testing and
    assessment, languages in Higher Education
  • Promotion of the European Day of Languages
  • Webinars and self-financing conferences promoting tools of the ECML
  • Complementary support from ECML experts for national events