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Scepticism can't keep CLIL from climbing

„Doing things with languages“ – the bright future of CLIL

Author: Catherine Seewald/03 November 2014/Categories: Article, CLILandLiteracy

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Significant developments are keeping CLIL in the news and promise some interesting outcomes in terms of educational practice, training and resources. Indeed the CLIL paradigm is at the centre of various initiatives exploring the relationship between CLIL and competences. For example, the ECML project “Literacies through Content and Language Integrated Learning: effective learning across subjects and languages” (2012-2015) is engaged in mapping out and developing greater awareness of subject-specific academic pluriliteracies.

Furthermore, interest in CLIL continues to grow in Europe where national governments, for example in Italy and in Spain, have set a number of measures to encourage the development of CLIL, but also in South and Central America. CLIL methodologies  are becoming  more and more a reality in secondary and tertiary education. Developments are driven, among others, by the increasing multilingual practice and the competition for student recruits at university level. These, in turn, increase the need for larger offer, quality (online) CLIL provision and CLIL-based teacher training.

According to Do Coyle, one of the pioneers in this field, CLIL will be seen as the norm as the practice in the future. Education will require the expertise of both subject and language practitioners; it will be both competence-led and, via CLIL, performance-based (“doing things with languages”).

Phil Ball, "Scepticism can't keep CLIL from climbing", in EL Gazette, EL “Teaching Matters”, October 2014, p. 8. (Published on the ECML website with the kind permission of EL GAzette.)
To read the full article online please sign on free to the digital edition and then go to the October issue.

Current CLIL related ECML project

“Literacies through Content and Language Integrated Learning: effective learning across subjects and languages” (CLILandLiteracy) 
Project website (2012-2015)
Project team (incl. Do Coyle, UK)  

CLIL related ECML project results and publications

All ECML publications can be downloaded for free at www.ecml.at/publications. Additional materials can be downloaded from the project websites

Frigols, María Jesús et al., European framework for CLIL teacher education, 2011, booklet.
Project website and results (2008-2011)

Haataja, Kim et al., CLIL-LOTE-START – Content and language integrated learning for languages other than English – Getting started!: Information brochure and interactive web portal: Case example German as a foreign language, 2011, printed and online brochure.
Project websites and results (2008-20011): https://clil-lote-start.uta.fi/en/, http://clil-lote-start.ecml.at/

Marsh, David (ed.), The CLIL Matrix: An Internet Awareness-raising Tool for Teachers – Achieving good practice in content and language integrated learning / bilingual education, 2007.
Project website and results (2004-2007) 

Schlemminger, Gérald et al., Enseigner une discipline dans une autre langue – Méthodologie et pratiques professionnelles, Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang Verlag, 2011, ISBN 978-3-631-60803-6.
Project website (in French and German) and results (2008-2011)
Buy the book (French) at Peter Lang Verlag


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