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    Inventory of ICT tools

Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Welcome to the inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning developed by the ICT-REV project! The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with specific criteria in mind. Read more
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This tool was developed within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission


Principal function(s): Citation managers

Mendeley is a reference management software and document organiser to help researchers sort and share scholarly articles. Users can create a personal library of academic papers by importing references from various sources, such as online databases or PDF files. Mendeley allows organising references into folders, annotating documents, and generating citations and bibliographies in various citation styles. It also allows collaboration between users in projects stored on the cloud. Mendeley offers both free and premium versions. Users need to sign up for a Mendeley account to use it. It has both browser and application versions, together with add-ins for browsers. Mendeley was developed by a company of the same name, initially founded by three PhD students in 2007 and later acquired by Elsevier. Evaluation: Mendeley is a useful tool to organise research projects. It can be used by researchers, academics, students, and professionals across various disciplines to organise research materials, collaborate with peers, and generate citations for academic writing and publications. Mendeley is particularly useful for conducting literature reviews and is suitable for collaborative research. Average IT skills are required.

Cost: Free with registration + paid premium plans

Website: https://www.mendeley.com/



Type Of Interaction

  • Individual work
  • Individual work



  • You supply


Interface User-friendliness/complexity of the tool´s interface

Straightforward, intuitive

Time efficiency Time needed for mastering the „how-to“ of the tool and a production of a task


Interface language(s) The number of languages in which the tool is currently available/adaptable to

English. However, it features citation styles in dozens of languages.

Respect for privacy Does the tool require registration? Who can see my data? Can I remain anonymous?

High. Elsevier, which owns and develops Mendeley, collects personal data but claims to do so only to facilitate efficiency and productivity in research. Elsevier mentions that precautions are taken to safeguard personal information through technical and organisational measures. It acknowledges users’ rights to request data access, correction, and deletion, providing some degree of user control. Mendeley states compliance with the GDPR. See more here.

Saving work for future use Possiblity to save your or others´ work for reuse/reproduction


Tailorability (If so, how?) Possibility of the tool to be used for a range of different activities (e.g. to what extent you can organize a project assignment with a central activity based on this tool)






Technical requirements

Installation required?


Compatibility/ Operating System

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Other technical requirements


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Principal Functions
Type Of Interaction
Group/pair work - classmates
Group/pair work - outsiders
Individual work
Presenting (e.g. lecturing, storytelling)


You supply
Website/other users supply


Latest addition to the ICT-REV inventory

Playphrase (Tool to find the pronunciation of words from movies )

Playphrase is a tool that searches specific words or phrases out of movie snippets from a database of audiovisual media with over 60,000 phrases. In this manner, it provides real-life examples of words’ and sentences’ pronunciation. Users just have to type specific phrases, watch them being used naturally in context within popular movies and TV shows, and listen to their pronunciation. Playphrase works mainly with English. Playphrase is not open-source, but it is freely available. It does not require setting up an account or signing in. ... View details

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