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Hungary: national representatives to the ECML

Hungary joined the ECML on 17 November 2021

Governing Board of the ECML

Appointed ministerial representatives from each member state. The Governing Board adopts programmes of activities, monitors their implementation and oversees the Centre’s management.

Hungary Hungary - Governing Board

Ms Katalin Zoltán
Ms Katalin Zoltán
Department of Vocational Training Development and Support
Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Deputy State Secretary for Vocational Training

National Nominating Authority

Agencies in each member state linked to ministries. They are responsible for selecting participants to the Centre's activities.

Hungary Hungary - Nominating Authority

Ms Tímea Tiboldi
Ms Tímea Tiboldi
Department of English Applied Linguistics
Eötvös Loránd University
Director of Studies
1088 Budapest

Contact for the European Day of Languages (EDL)

The function of a national EDL Relay is to act as a multiplier for organisations, schools and associations, circulating: information communicated by the Council of Europe (for example the press release of the Council on the Day, which the Relays are invited to translate into national/local languages, updates on the website); promotional materials - posters, stickers etc. provided by the Council of Europe every year in significant quantities for event organisers.

Hungary Hungary - EDL National Relay

Ms Ágnes Kindlovits
Department for European Health, Social and Educational Affairs
Ministry of Interior
József Attila utca 2-4.
H-1051 Budapest
+36 (1) 441-1951

Contact point for the ECML

National networks in language education; The National Contact point disseminates information and documentation on the Centre‘s work on a national level.

Hungary Hungary - National Contact Point

Ms Zsuzsanna Dávidné Soproni
Ms Zsuzsanna Dávidné Soproni
Member of the Language Examination Accreditation Board
Instructor at the International Business School Budapest