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Bosnia-Herzegovina: experts involved in the ECML activities

ECML conference, workshop and network meeting participants


  • Tatjana Bogdanovic, Pedagogical Institute of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka.
    ECML project: "ECML publications for plurilingual and intercultural education in use" (PIU); workshop (26-28 March 2014)
  • Denana Gološ, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Mostar.
    ECML project: “Collaborative Community Approach to Migrant Education” (Community); workshop (25-27 June 2014)

  • Adela Kulukčija, Senior research assistant, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Mostar.
    ECML projects:
    - “Languages in corporate quality” (LINCQ); workshop (21-22 November 2013)
    - “Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education” (CARAP for parents); workshop (28-30 April 2014)
    "Plurilingual whole school curricula" (PlurCur); workshop (7-8 May 2015); participant's report
  • Brankica Njeguš, English Language Teacher, Secondary School of Economics Bijeljina.
    ECML project:
    -"Empowering language networks" (LACS); workshop (22-23 May 2014); Network meeting (10-11 February 2015)

  • Tamara Pribisev Beleslin, University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Philosophy, Banja Luka.
    ECML project: “European portfolio for student teachers of pre-primary education” (Préélémentaire); workshop (12-13 December 2013)


  • Tatjana Bogdanovic, Pedagogical Institute of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka.
    ECML project: "The European Language Portfolio in whole-school use" (ELP-WSU) (2008-2011); workshop (19-20 May 2011); participant’s workshop report
  • Lara Hedzic, Sarajevo.     
    ECML project: "Curriculum development for Content and Language Integrated Learning" (CLIL-CD) (2008-2010); workshop (22-23 October 2009); participant's workshop report (pending)
  • Benjamin Hedžić, Sarajevo.
    ECML projects:
    - "Language associations and collaborative support" (LACS) (2008-2011); workshop (10-11 December 2009); participant’s workshop report (pending)
    - "Exploring cutting edge applications of networked technologies in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning" (E-VOLLution) (2008-2009); workshop (26-28 February 2009); participant's workshop report (pending)
  • Jelena Ristanovic Kupresak, Assistant chargé de travaux pratiques à la chaire de français, Faculté de philologie, Université de Banja Luka.
    ECML project: "Assessment of young learner literacy linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" (AYLLit) (2008-2011); workshop (9-10 September 2010); participant’s workshop report (pending)
  • Dejana Maličević, German Teacher, Medicinska škola Banja Luka.
    ECML project: "Developing online teaching skills" (DOTS) (2008-2011); workshop (10-11 March 2011); participant's workshop report
  • Arna Šabic, Travnik.
    ECML project: "Content and Language Integrated Learning through languages other than English - getting started" (CLIL-LOTE-START) (2008-2011); workshop (9-11 June 2010); participant's workshop report
  • Amela Šehovic, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo.
    ECML project: "Minority languages, collateral languages and bi-/plurilingual education" (EBP-ICI) (2008-2011): network meeting (18-19 May 2010); workshop (16-18 February 2011); participant's workshop report
  • Tatjana Vilendecic, Primary School Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, Banja Luka.
    ECML project: "A framework of reference for pluralistic approaches" (CARAP) (2008-2011); workshop (23-25 February 2011); participant’s workshop report (pending)
  • Senada Žilic, Tuzla.
    ECML project: "Guidelines for university language testing" (GULT) (2008-2011); Workshop (26-28 May 2010); participant's workshop report (pending)