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Developing language awareness in subject classes

How to get involved?

Individuals with a special interest and professional background in the topic of this particular project are invited to take up contact with the ECML National Nominating Authority in their country so that they can be considered for participation in the corresponding project workshop.

Project workshop, 16-17 November 2017

Workshop focus

  • Development of concepts and materials
  • Piloting

Expected outputs of the workshop for the participant: increased awareness of what language means when learning a subject matter

Expected outcomes of the workshop for the participant: a method and concrete scenarios of how to support L2 students learning subject matter contents.

Profile of participants

Professional background

  • Subject teachers of 12/13 year-old learners;
  • Teacher trainers, head teachers;
  • Those responsible for developing education programmes for migrant learner;
  • Language teachers who have already assumed the role of mentor of subject teachers.

Experience, competences required

  • Experience with the age group and with teaching subject to second language learners.

Expected involvement/tasks before, during and after the event


  • Filling in the online questionnaire;
  • Studying the example materials;
  • Collect examples of good practice of teaching the language of schooling;
  • Teachers will be asked to feedback on material that the team will send to them in preparation of the workshop.


  • Provide feedback and ideas on the method and teaching materials developed;
  • Developing guidelines for designing teaching materials for differenct subjects;
  • Developing guidelines for designing tools to increase subject matter teachers' awareness.


  • Pilot and implement example materials.
If you wish to participate click here and contact your National nominating authority.