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Member state representation

The European Centre for Modern Languages is an Enlarged Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe: today 33 of the Strasbourg-based Organisation's 47 member states cooperate in the Graz Centre. The organs of the Centre are:

Governing Board 

The Centre's executive organ,composed of one representative from each member state. The Board defines and adopts the medium-term programme, monitors its implementation and the management of the Centre's resources and forwards a report on the Centre's activities to the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers.


Composed of the Chair of the Board, the two Vice-Chairs and four members, the Bureau is more closely involved in the Centre's day-to-day work. It meets two or three times a year and adopts the annual programme of activities.

Irena Mašková Ursula Newby Claire Extramiana  Lusine

Veselina Ganeva 

Marja Beuk Ingrid Jurela-Jarak
Chair Vice-Chair Vice-Chair Bureau
 Bureau Member  Bureau Member

National Nominating Authorities

The official agencies in each member state responsible for selecting participants to the Centre's activities.

National Contact Points

These assist in disseminating the Centre's products and supplying information on its work within the member states through national networks. 

Austrian Association 

(Verein EFSZ in Österreich)  

Set up by the Austrian authorities to administer the Centre's infrastructure and local implantation in Graz.