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    Programme 2008-2011
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    Assessment of Young Learner Literacy

CLIL in anderen Sprachen als Englisch –
erfolgreiche Übergänge zwischen den Bildungsstufen

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Primary school teachers are increasingly faced with the task of assessing the literacy of pupils in a language other than a pupil`s mother tongue. The handbook presents practical issues and principles associated with this assessment. The section on writing also contains a step-by-step guide for training teachers in the use of the material.
Teachers will find tips on how to get pupils to write, how to assess their writing and how to give feedback. This is illustrated by pupils' texts and teachers' comments. In addition, the project website contains downloadable material for assessing writing. Samples of pupils' writing across a range of levels are provided exemplifying how to use the proposed material, with comments demonstrating how the assessment can be used as a basis for feedback to the pupils.

Who is it for?

  • Primary school teachers
  • Teacher educators
  • People involved in language assessment

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Project team

Angela Hasselgreen (Coordinator)
Norwegian Study Centre, University of York
United Kingdom

Karmen Pižorn
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education, Ljubljana Slovenia

Violeta Kaledaité
Associate Professor-Head of English Philology Department
Vytautas Magnus University

Natàlia Maldonado
Education Department
Generalitat de Catalunya



These are the results from a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Empowering Language Professionals" programme 2008-2011.

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