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Professional Network Forum meeting 2012

Professional Network Forum meeting 2011 
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The INGO-Professional Network Forum, comprising 13 leading associations and institutions in language education and assessment, met at the ECML on 2 February to discuss ‘burning issues’ in international language education as identified by the membership of the Forum partners.

In the current challenging financial climate the influence of globalization and migration on education, the economic value of language skills and the impact of ICT on education  were in particular highlighted as priority areas where the sharing of expertise  and working on a common front could  benefit the wider language education community.

The meeting also looked at future joint actions, enhancing the information flow among the members and making use of the dissemination and lobbying opportunities created through the Forum, with a potential worldwide outreach to millions in the language education profession.

The Professional Network Forum was established in 2010 as a platform for exchange  for international associations and institutions  working at grass-roots level to share their know-how and discuss professional development issues in the service of language education. The Graz Declaration, drafted as a result of the founding meeting, provides a the basis for the common activities and actions  undertaken by the membership

Minutes of the meeting

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