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Learning environments where modern languages flourish

By fostering learning environments where modern languages flourish, this project aims to place languages right at the heart of developments in education policy. Through languages, it seeks to strengthen the development of both social competences and competences for democratic citizenship. A network of project partner schools will support each other in developing innovative approaches to establishing language friendly learning environments through an exchange of relevant resources, research and practice.. Read more

Working languages of the project: French, German, English
Project term: 2016-2019
Shortcut: www.ecml.at/Learningenvironments


Who will benefit from this project?

This project is meant not only for:

  • teachers and teacher-trainers, but also for
  • headmasters, inspectors and decision-makers.

An online platform will provide a network of schools in Europe with teaching resources, innovative materials and piloting tools. This project is mainly for lower and upper secondary schools, but also for primary schools, vocational schools and adult education.

Envisaged outputs

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Working on learning environments where modern languages flourish implies that learning goals, teaching practices and education policy converge. From this perspective, the main requirements are to foster plurilingual and intercultural education; to teach how language is embedded in the cultural context of its use; to share to what extent modern languages contribute to general educational aims. 

This project is about finding levers which can be used in times of budgetary restraint to strengthen plurilingual and intercultural education, to motivate pupils, to support awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to enhance language learning at primary and secondary school levels. 

These are the expected outputs:

  • a dynamic and system-oriented model of language-learning environments;
  • concrete examples of whole-language educational projects from partner schools;
  • a tool to facilitate the inter-systemic transfer of school projects;
  • quality indicators for learning environments which foster modern language learning.

Envisaged outcomes

  • an efficient dissemination and use of ECML resources and projects
  • an increased significance of modern languages in school programmes and education policies
  • a contribution to quality assurance in the field of modern language learning
  • a contribution to the cooperation between school systems in Europe in the areas of modern language learning and school networks

Action items for 2017-2018

EOL partner schools are requested to

  1. get an overview about your school and your language learning environment
  2. complete the action plan
    (except for the schools that have already been working on EOL for one year)
  3. develop your projects 
  4. share your projects’ resources
  5. network

Video : Politiques européennes des langues et priorités nationales - Présentation projet EOL - Jonas Erin

This is a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Languages at the heart of learning" programme 2016-2019.

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