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    Fremdsprachenfreundliche Lernumgebungen

Fremdsprachenfreundliche Lernumgebungen

By fostering learning environments where modern languages flourish, this project aims to place languages right at the heart of developments in education policy. Through languages, it seeks to strengthen the development of both social competences and competences for democratic citizenship. A network of project partner schools will support each other in developing innovative approaches to establishing language friendly learning environments through an exchange of relevant resources, research and practice.

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This website offers tools for the development of whole-school language projects to support and strengthen cooperation and professional development of all actors involved. The suggested approach combines cultural aspects (contents, values and objectives), structural conditions (organisation, means and spaces) and personal factors (human resources, personal and professional development) which help reveal what learning environments are all about. This holistic perspective embraces all fields of education (learning, teaching, schools and education systems) and all levels of education (primary, secondary and tertiary). Furthermore, it enables key actors in schools to develop sustainable connections across all learning environments. Schools are guided towards creative thinking in order to find new solutions for language learning and teaching adapted to the needs of learners. 

All the tools have been tested by partner schools involved in the EOL project between 2016 and 2019. The experience of these schools offers inspiration to start a language project connecting culture, structures and people at your school with the aim to create learning environments where modern languages flourish.

Diese Ressource beinhaltet

EOL-Matrix – ein dynamisches Tool zur Schaffung von fremdsprachenfreundlichen Lernumgebungen in Schulen
Moodle Online-Fortbildungskurs 
Beispiele von EOL-Partnerschulen, die leicht in andere Kontexte übertragen werden können
Strukturierte Anleitung für SprachenexpertInnen und Nichtfachleute

Verwandte Themen

Plurilingual Education
Plurilingual and intercultural learning through mobility


Jonas Erin, EOL coordinator/coordinateur/Koordinator

Das Team

Jonas ERIN



Kristin BROGAN

Das Projekt

Dies sind die Resultate eines Projekts im Rahmen des Programms  "Languages at the heart of learning" (2016-19) des Europäischen Fremdsprachenzentrums des Europarates.
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