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    Learning environments where modern languages flourish
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Learning environments where modern languages flourish

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Professional development

Research within EOL

One of the main objectives of the EOL expert team was to model optimised learning environments for and through languages, taking into account various parameters such as student motivation, language diversity, the linguistic dimension of learning, etc. For this reason, the team observed and compared the different strategies of the project partner schools and conducted an impact study in the form of an online survey among students. In this section are the main results of the survey as well as summaries of three research projects directly related to language learning environments: Silvia Minardi's PhD work on the impact of the CLIL approach on language and subject learning, Master’s research carried out by two students from Darmstadt University of Technology who worked with the EOL team – Samantha Wickremasinghe and Leslie Neumann – on the role of family languages in the learning environment of students.