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    A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

The project will promote effective language learning by supporting teachers and other language education professionals in their use of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It will provide a practical tool and suggest clear, coherent, and relevant procedures to facilitate planning, teaching and assessment. Furthermore, the project will enhance reflective practices at the classroom, school and policy-making levels. Read more

Working languages of the project: English, French
Project term: 2016-2018


Who will benefit from the project?

Thanks to the modular format of its quality assurance matrix, this project targets both

  • teachers in their practice;
  • other decision makers (principals, curriculum planners, and those responsible for language policies and education at different institutional levels).

Envisaged outputs

  • A modular quality assurance matrix to facilitate CEFR implementation at different levels (available as a website, accompanied by an online tutorial) for end-users;
  • Within the quality assurance matrix a collection of piloted procedures organised in three sections (planning, teaching, assessment), cross-referenced to underlying quality principles;
  • A hypertextual graphic presentation of procedures and quality principles;
  • The possibility to create dynamic graphic profiles in relation to strengths and weaknesses in using the CEFR for planning, teaching and assessment;
  • A collection of good practices in CEFR implementation that show high leverage in relation to the improvement of language proficiency.

Envisaged outcomes

Users of the quality assurance matrix will:

  • become familiar with quality assurance procedures and tools that can facilitate and support effective pedagogical practices;
  • conduct practical diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses of any CEFR implementation;
  • promote transparency in CEFR-informed curricular and pedagogical development within communities of practices.

Teachers will use the tool to design, implement and evaluate curricular reform and assessment practices, which will contribute to positive change in language education in their contexts and beyond.

Pictures from the workshop in November 2016


This is a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Languages at the heart of learning" programme 2016-2019.

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