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    PIU database and questionnaire
ECML Programme 2012-2015

ECML publications for plurilingual and intercultural education in use
Tools and ideas for dissemination

The resources promote better recognition and wider use of ECML publications for plurilingual and intercultural education and provide strategies for the implementation of the publications in the member states.
Overview Database and

PIU questionnaire

This questionnaire feeds into the PIU databank for teacher education in Europe. The databank aims to provide support to teachers, teachers trainers and head teachers in the design and development of their language teaching classes. The databank is collecting examples relating to the implementation of ECML projects as well as similar projects that have been created outside the ECML. 


  1. Multilingualism in the school (e.g. ECML-Projects: MARILLE, MALEDIVE)
  2. Education and (further) training of language teacher (e.g. ECML-Projects: EPOSTLPEPELINO)
  3. Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) (e.g. ECML-Projects: CLIL LOTE START, PLURILITERACIES)
  4. Exchanges/Mobility (e.g. ECML-Project: PluriMobil)

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