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    Language associations directory

Online directory of language associations/organisations 

This fully searchable directory is intended to facilitate collaboration between professionals from different language teacher associations and other language organisations as well as across different languages, regions and countries. The directory which has a mainly European focus has been compiled by the Language Associations and Collaborative Support (LACS) network, coordinated, among others, by representatives of the International Federation of Language Teacher Associations (FIPLV), the International Federation of French Teachers (FIPF) and the International Association of German Teachers (IDV).
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How to use the directory

Searches can be combined using all three search criteria: ‘language’, ‘country’ and ‘thematic area’. Alternatively a free text search can be performed – this will search on any text which appears in the title of the association, its acronym and its description. 

As well as retrieving data directly corresponding to the search criteria entered, the directory also proposes other associations which may be relevant – for example a search on a specific language will  first list associations focusing directly on this language but will also propose associations working at an international level which are non-language specific (such as the members of the ECML Professional Network Forum), as well other associations working with the language. The aim is to give a wide range of results sorted according to their relevance. 

Some examples of use

  • associations and organisations wishing to find partners for events, competitions etc, to publicise their activities, to campaign for languages or to seek sponsorship
  • project teams needing to carry out a needs analysis in relation to their project focus, to try to involve a wider range of organisations
  • language organisations wishing to disseminate an activity, targeting particular countries, regions, types of association etc.
  • individual teachers or schools wishing to establish contacts in other countries


Although the interface of the directory is currently in English only the descriptions of the associations are listed in the principal working language/s of the association and its website.

Adding to the directory 

The directory currently lists only a small proportion of the language associations in Europe. We would be grateful for your support in adding to and updating the directory! If you wish your organisation to be added to the directory please contact us

Updating the directory

You can do so in the following way:
1. Find your association in the directory. 
2. Use the link “Click here if you want to change details of this association” which appears under the description and update the entry accordingly.


Inclusion within this directory does not confer any special status or constitute either an endorsement or recommendation with regard to any of the associations/organisations listed. 

The information contained in the directory:

  • is solely of a general nature and does not refer to the specific situation of any individual or legal entity
  • is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate or up to date
  • refers to external sites over which the Council of Europe has no control and in respect of which it declines to accept any responsibility
  • does not constitute a professional or legal opinion

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