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    Learning environments where modern languages flourish
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Learning environments where modern languages flourish

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EOL uses a simple definition of learning environments based on the association of culture (contents, values, and objectives), structure (organisation, means, spaces) and people (human resources, personal and professional development). The whole EOL project is based on the concept of a symbiotic approach, which is the idea that a learning environment becomes favourable if its three components, i.e. culture, structure and people, interact with each other. 
Discover all the thinking behind EOL here, and more specifically, find out how to implement the symbiotic approach to develop language-friendly learning environments!

EOL Abstract 

EOL Approach, process and outcomes (coming soon)

EOL matrix

The matrix gives an overview over different fields and areas which might support schools developing learning environments where modern languages flourish. By matching 4 “environmental levels” with 5 dimensions of language learning, the matrix should help schools identifying new opportunities for and through languages.  The goal is modelling your school towards a language friendly learning environment. The matrix is a dynamic tool and will be tested and improved all the way through the 4 years of the EOL project. The matrix will be connected to a glossary and different tools and resources.

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The TrEOL tool is a card game you can play to start identifying your challenges in terms of strengths and priorities. It is a game for teams.

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Team video

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