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A roadmap for schools to support the language(s) of schooling

Key concepts

Promising practices

The Promising practices are gathered from all over Europe and organised in a searchable database. In response to the individual results of the school, the ROADMAP offers a range of promising practices which can be adapted to specific contexts. The purpose of the promising practices database is to both inspire and help the school plan a whole-school strategy according to the needs identified in the context of the self-assessment process.
2 promising practices found

Identifying keywords in every lesson to promote literacy of all

Keywords in every subject to access the curriculum

Primary stakeholder(s) targeted: teacher
Dimension(s): Promoting language development

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Teaching language to facilitate the learning of maths

Accelerate the learning of the language skills necessary for mathematical activities so that newcomer students can benefit more quickly from the lessons offered in regular classes.

Primary stakeholder(s) targeted: teacher
Dimension(s): Importance of language in subject teaching Promoting language development Building upon previous knowledge and experience

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More promising practices coming soon

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