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    Tool 3: Collaborating and Identifying Differences in Subject-Specific Discourse Demands

Developing language awareness in subject classes

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Tool 3: Collaborate and identify differences in subject-specific discourse demands

In order to further develop subject teachers’ language awareness, this tool is meant to be used in collaboration with teachers of other disciplines. It asks teachers to compare what various genres mean in their disciplines. It is organized according to the same categories as Tool 1 but allows for a cross-discipline comparison of genre demands.

How to use the tool:

STEP 1: Work with a colleague who teaches another subject (or choose two subjects you teach)
STEP 2: Choose an oral or written text (e.g.: a mathematics problem, a poster, an oral presentation of an experiment, a summary in a text book)
STEP 3: Look at the table and fill in the columns for your subjects
STEP 4: Reflect on common points and differences and try to implement the points in your teaching


Download Tool 3 in English
Download an example in history