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ECML PROGRAMME - Programme 2012-2015

A pluriliteracies approach to teaching for learning

A pluriliteracies approach builds on CLIL approaches to help learners become better meaning-makers, who can draw on content knowledge to communicate successfully across languages, disciplines and cultures. In this way it promotes deep learning and helps develop responsible, global citizens.


Processes/products to evaluate Indicators of achievement Evaluation method Evaluation schedule
Report on current research on "literacy development through CLIL" Published on the Web International peer review by team of international experts including Cummins et al December 2013
Design an alternative construct building on the distinction between BICS and CALP and drawing on research review Production of materials based on the construct
Userfeedback:evaluation/feedback by teachers and learners in the study to test if the concept is operational and can be used for the design of the other outcomes.
The remainder of the products will be evaluated through the data collected and analysed from the trans-European classroom study, including the learners' views and measurement of literacy skills.
May 2014
Guide "Towards Literacy" Acceptance by teachers and teacher-trainers
Teacher questionnaires
Feedback from participants at NW and WS
November 2013 / After WS (spring 2015)
Self-evaluation guide Publication on the web
Invite comments from users for peer review (again 2.0 technology methods)
Teacher questionnaires
Feedback from participants at NW
December 2013
Exemplary teaching materials
Content knowledge and
academic language production in both L1 and L2
Analysis of text production task (see above)
Feedback from participants at WS 
October 2014 / 
After WS (spring 2015)
Information Booklet for stakeholders and policy makers Publication and distribution Feedback from destinataries November 2015


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Project workshop in 2015 - if you wish to participate click here and contact your National Nominating Authority