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European Day of Languages 2022 – what is going on and where?

Author: Michael Armstrong/Donnerstag, 22. September 2022/Categories: Show on front page, ECML programme 2020-2023

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On the 21st editon of the European Day of Languages there are a host of exciting and creative events foreseen all over Europe and indeed the world. Just have a look through the EDL calendar (https://edl.ecml.at/edlcalendar) to find out what is happening close to you! The European Commission alone is involved in the coordination of over70 events. 

Selection of 15 events in 15 countries taking place in celebration of the Day - to get inspired! 

Graz language festival
Festival open to all, Graz, Austria, 22 September 2022
Language workshops, language city walks, competitions, treasure hunts, and many other activities will provide a fun and enjoyable opportunity to get to know the linguistic and cultural diversity. The musical and artistic programme will include songs, dances, plays and literature from all over the world.
Dedicated padlet

Open air live event – Language fair
Fair, 17 September 2022, Sofia, Bulgaria
Target groups: language learners, pupils, children, language teachers, general public, young people (in general)

National professional meeting for  teachers of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Serbian and Hungarian languages
Main event 26 September and review of examples of good practice – presentations from 49 schools, 27 – 30 September 2022, Croatia
Target groups: language teachers, language experts, policy makers

Online speak date with physical launching event
Language teaching and learning, 28 September 2022, Nicosia, Cyprus
Target groups: language learners, pupils, children, students, general public, young people (in general)

Training “Stepping up foreign language learning and teaching”
Conference, 26-27 September 2022, Tallinn, Estonia
Target groups: language teachers

Rare European languages
Open doors, 1st -30 September 2022, Tampere, Finland
Target groups: adults (in general), language learners, language teachers, students, language experts, young people (in general), participants in adult education programmes, tourism

Bibliothèque vivante. Je parle une autre langue : emprunte-moi !
Language exchange, 24 September 2022, Strasbourg, France
Target groups: adults (in general), language learners, general public, young people (in general)

Photo competition “Europe around me”
Competition/Tournament, 25 August  – 21 September 2022, Georgia
Target groups: pupils

European Day of Languages
School project, 26-30 September  2022, Ymittos, Athens, Greece
Target groups: language learners, language teachers, students, general public, young people (in general), parents

Languages as a bridge for peace
Language festival, 26 September 2022, Bergamo, Italy
Target groups: language teachers, students, general public, young people (in general)

Språkdagkonferanse 2022
Conference, 26 September 2022, Halden, Norway
Target groups: researchers, language teachers, students, language experts

How multilingual are you?
Round table, 19-30 September 2022, Navodari, Romania
Target groups: students, young people (in general)

The magic of words – Магија речи
Language week, 26-30 September 2022, Lipe, Smederevo, Serbia
Target groups: pupils, general public, parents

Let's meet and speak!
Language Day, 26 September 2022, Žiar nad Hronom, Slovak Republic
Target groups: language learners

Partners for Language – EUNIC in support of Seal of Biliteracy
Fair, 30 September 2022, New York, USA
Target groups: adults (in general), business and commerce, researchers, children, language teachers, students, language experts, media, policy deciders/politicians at national level


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