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    Essential information

ECML project outputs

What sort of outputs are produced?

At first glance it may seem strange to start with the end of a project, i.e., the output but this is a very helpful way to help you understand what the ECML’s expectations are for your proposed project. Innovation projects result in user-friendly resources which place a strong focus on the practice of plurilingual and intercultural education. 

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What makes project outputs unique? 

New resources resulting from ECML projects are unique because they are developed within a framework of democratic and continuous European cooperation and dialogue. Through workshops and network meetings which are built into the project plan, this development process is enriched by the active involvement of the project target group, be they teachers, teacher educators or other language experts from Europe and beyond who provide constructive input including the piloting of draft outputs. This process helps ensure maximum relevance and ownership of the final outputs.  

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How are ECML resources developed?

Based on

by experts
Europe and

Informed by

to different

needs of
range of

Training and

The process is as important as the product.

Project outputs – which languages? 

English and French are the two official working languages of the Council of Europe, but does that mean they are the only two languages used at the ECML? Of course not! The ECML embraces and actively encourages plurilingualism whenever and wherever possible, both formally and informally. 

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Project teams

  • Projects are carried out by a team of four experts, each working in a different ECML member state. In exceptional cases, applications from non-member states as team members can be accepted (with a maximum of one project team member from a non-member state).
  • One of the experts will be the coordinator with overall responsibility for team and project management. 

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Activities organised and funded by the ECML

Projects can be for 2, 3 or 4 years. Depending on the length and focus of the project, a project will involve one or more of the following opportunities to engage in European dialogue:

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Support from the ECML

Applicants may well be familiar with EU projects and how they work. It is important to stress that the set-up at the ECML is VERY different. As a much smaller institution, the ECML works on a limited budget, and the project funding available is substantially lower than for many EU projects. In general, approximately 100 000 Euros is foreseen for all the activities taking place within an individual project (of up to 4 years).

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Frequently asked questions

Submission deadline and selection procedure

Who can apply?

A project proposal can ONLY be submitted by a prospective project coordinator. This person MUST* live and work in an ECML member state.  

* As Spain is in the process of re-joining the ECML, experts living and working in Spain are also eligible to apply.

Selection criteria

Please check out the selection criteria here.

Key dates

ALL applications must reach the ECML by 23:00 (CET) on Thursday 31 August 2023. Applications received after this date and incomplete applications will NOT be considered. 

September 2023 Project proposals will be evaluated by an Expert Advisory Group.
October 2023

The Bureau of the ECML Governing Board will establish a shortlist of project proposals; the ECML will inform project coordinators whose projects have been shortlisted. Online interviews may take place if aspects of the proposal need to be clarified.

The Governing Board will make their final decisions on the chosen project proposals for the ECML programme 2024-2027.

The ECML will inform coordinators whose project proposals have been chosen.

Please note: The ECML reserves the right to ask coordinators to amend their project proposals in line with feedback from the Governing Board.  

16 November 2023 Online exchange and brief presentation of new coordinators and projects; following this meeting unsuccessful candidates will be informed.  
25-26 January 2024 Face-to-face meeting of project coordinators at the ECML. 

Full information

Download the Call document in English, French

Any questions? Please contact us at call@ecml.at