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    Programme 2020-2023

Programme 2020-2023
Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences

2020 marks the launch of the ECML’s 6th medium-term programme: “Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences.” This programme has been developed in direct response to identified language education priorities in ECML member states. Moreover, it is clearly situated within the context of wider Council of Europe priorities in education, in particular inclusive approaches to education and education for democratic citizenship, where the development of linguistic and intercultural competences plays a key role. The new programme 2020-2023 encompasses 8 projects and 12 Training and Consultancy activities.
ECML Conference 13-14 December 2023
Inspiring innovation in language education:
changing contexts, evolving competences

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ECML resources of the 2020-2023 programme

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Programme overview 

This programme consists of two strands: development and mediation. The development strand focuses on innovation projects, on creating new solutions to the challenges identified in member states; through the mediation strand, member states can adapt and implement existing ECML resources as well as access ECML expertise through training and consultancy and national support events. Through conferences, webinars and by celebrating the European Day of Languages, the ECML opens up its activities to a wider public.

New development projects

Together the 9 projects address the following key themes: formative assessment in early language learning and for newly arrived migrant children, languages in support of digital citizenship and other transversal skills, the CEFR Companion Volume and linguistic mediation, CLIL in languages other than English, neighbouring languages in cross-border vocational training, teacher competences for pluralistic approaches.

Resources for assessing the home language competences of migrant pupils
Isabelle Audras 


CLIL in languages other than English - successful transitions across educational stages
Petra Daryai-Hansen 


CEFR Companion Volume implementation toolbox
Johann Fischer 


Developing teacher competences for pluralistic approaches - training and reflection tools for teachers and teacher educators
Brigitte Gerber


Digital citizenship through language education
Christian Ollivier 


Enhancing language education in cross-border vocational education
Claudia Polzin-Haumann


Young children's language learning pathways
Flore Schank / Ingeborg Birnie


Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment
Maria Stathopoulou


Building blocks for planning language-sensitive teacher education
Lukas Bleichenbacher


Priorities in ECML member states

Education sectors, target groups and languages

Training and consultancy

For support in national contexts within the ECML’s Training and consultancy activities, member states can choose from the following 12 areas:

* This training offer is not available in 2024.

** In cooperation with the European Commission - these offers are subject to a separate Call for requests.