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Mediation in teaching, learning and assessment

This project sets out to develop a teaching guide for foreign language teachers of primary and secondary education who want to include cross-linguistic mediation in their pedagogical practices. This will contain information about the theory and practice of teaching, learning and assessing mediation together with examples of mediation tasks in different languages, which draw on the Companion Volume of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A digital database, which will include tasks suitable for various educational environments, will also be produced.

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Mediation tasks

What is a cross-linguistic mediation task? 

Mediation tasks are those tasks which require users of languages to relay information from one language to another for a given communicative purpose (see Stathopoulou, 2015). When learners are involved in a mediation task across languages, they first have to process information included in a text (either verbal or visual) in Language A and then transfer some of its messages in Language B in a way that is appropriate for the context of situation.

How to create cross-linguistic mediation tasks: tips for teachers 

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Database with mediation tasks

Download mediation tasks - coming soon