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    Teacher education in early language learning

Inspiring language learning in the early years
Why it matters and what it looks like for children age 3-12

This website helps teachers and other educators to prepare young children to successfully engage in a culturally and linguistically diverse world. It provides resources and strategies which take existing linguistic repertoires into account in order to further develop the linguistic and intercultural competences of both learners and educators.
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Today, the importance and benefits of early language learning are widely acknowledged. Based on research evidence, this ECML website responds to the question “What makes language learning inspiring for young children?”. Core thoughts on language learning along with practical examples are presented on the website. Seven main areas, ranging from general topics to concrete, practical examples inform the website. The proposed ideas aim to encourage children and adults to develop their linguistic skills, learn new languages and open themselves to the languages around them. Above all, they have been designed to make language learning enjoyable, accessible and inspirational for both children and adults alike.


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Project team

Flore Schank

Déirdre Kirwan

Dana Musilova
Czech Republic

Ingeborg Birnie
United Kingdom

Jakob Patekar


These are the results from a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Languages at the heart of learning" programme 2016-2019.
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