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Jun 2015
WORKSHOP 3/2015 - CLIL and literacy
“Literacies through Content and Language Integrated Learning: effective learning across subjects and languages
Venue: ECML, Graz, Austria
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Jun 2015
ECML Training and Consultancy for Member States - “Plurilingual and intercultural competences: descriptors and teaching materials (FREPA)”
Training in the framework of the University Colloquy “Approches plurielles et intercomprehension, pour une synergie accrue”
Venue: Iassy, Romania
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Jun 2015
Expert Meeting - “Signed languages for professional purposes” (PRO-Sign)
Venue: ECML, Graz, Austria
Coordinator: Lorraine Leeson, Ireland
Participants: project team

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Book of the month

Promoting plurilingualism - majority language in multilingual settings 

To show how plurilingualism can be fostered in majority language teaching (for example, the teaching of Spanish in Spain or Polish in Poland) in secondary schools, this publication offers concrete examples for teacher development and strategies for change management. This resource book is complemented by video classroom examples on the website. 

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Austria: host country of the ECML

To support the work of the ECML
the host country has established
the Austrian Association of the ECML,
which operates at the interface between
the Council of Europe and the
Austrian authorities.

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