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ECML Programme 2012-2015

European portfolio for pre-primary educators
The plurilingual and intercultural dimension

The publication offers a tool for reflective practice in initial teacher training that focuses on developing a variety of language skills of children, valuing diversity in and around the school and familiarising with key issues in Europe related to the subject.


PEPELINO is a portfolio aimed at students embarking on initial training to become pre-primary educators and persons working with children under the age of 7 who wish to improve their training.

It is a tool for personal reflection on professional competences, focusing on the plurilingual and intercultural dimension of work with pre-primary children.

It was developed at the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe by a team of experts from Austria, the Czech Republic, France and Greece with the assistance of trainers from the 33 member states of the ECML and other countries which are involved in its work.

Based on language policy documents of the Language Policy Unit and the European Commission and on reference documents produced by the ECML, it seeks to encourage consideration of educational and policy issues related to the acquisition of languages of socialisation, the development of plurilingual competence, intercultural education and recognition of children’s individual language repertoires when implementing curricula in different learning contexts.

Descriptors of professional competences

PEPELINO breaks down the professional skills associated with children’s linguistic and cultural development into four domains and eight fields of competence, with each domain being divided into two fields of competence. Each of these competences involves a combination of appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes.

List of descriptors for professional competences

Download the List of descriptors for professional competences

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Download the flyer in English, in French or in German

Download the portfolio

Download the portfolio: English - French - German - Polish - Spanish

In order to use the Portfolio in an interactive way, first save the document on your computer and use Acrobat Reader (only v.11  or above) to add and save your texts in the Portfolio.

Download the Tracing the reflection process pages in EnglishFrench and German

I think such a reflective tool would be very useful for my pre-primary trainees at the university. We have had good experience with the European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL) and there is a need for a reflective tool for the pre-primary and primary target groups.
Šárka Dohnalová - Masaryk University, Czech Republic

These pages result from a project run within the ECML's Learning through languages programme entitled "European portfolio for student teachers of pre-primary education" (PEPELINO).
Find out more about the project here.